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Ammo Belt (Large) - Sprue of 6 - Various-Flexible Resin-Photo1-Zinge Industries

Ammo Belt (Large) - Sprue of 6 - Various


6 Flexible Resin Large Ammo Belt Sprue of 6

Various Sorts as below

Wire insert to allow them to be posed

Linked Block belt - 4.2mm x 2.1mm x 75mm

Medium Shotgun shells belt - 4.2mm x 1.9mm x 75mm

Large shotgun shells - 5.9mm x 2.5mm x 75mm

"Y" shaped blocks - 4.1mm x 2mm x 75mm

Large Bullet belt - 5 shells per 10mm - 5.6mm x 2.5mm x 75mm

Small Bullet belt - 7 shells per 10mm - 4.8mm x 2.2mm x 75mm

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