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Sci-Fi & Modern Day Sprue - Basing Details Models-Scenery, Forest Sprues-Photo1-Zinge Industries

Sci-Fi & Modern Day Sprue - Basing Details Models


Sci-Fi & Modern Day Sprue ideal for use as details on bases.

Set of 29 small items:

2 x Skulls

1 x Canteen

1 x Powerpack

1 x Smoke Grenade

1 x Cola Can

1 x Car Battery

1 x Classic Grenade

1 x Stick of TNT

1 x Hypo Spray

1 x Beer Bottle

3 x Large Spent Shells

3 x Hollow Point Shells

3 x Large Calibre Bullets

3 x Shotgun Shells

3 x Small Spent Shells

3 x Small Calibre Bullets

Plinth size is 50mm x 15mm skulls are 28mm scale.

Made of polyurethane resin.

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