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Steampunk Ammunition Magazines and Rounds-Armoury, Scenery, Forest Sprues, Artillery-Photo1-Zinge Industries

Steampunk Ammunition Magazines and Rounds


Steampunk ammunition magazines and rounds.
Created as part of a joint Curious Construct and Zinge Industries Kickstarter
Here we have an array of individual rounds and magazines used by Zinge Industries weapon systems. You may notice some have been spent, these will be reclaimed for reuse or melting down to become part of something else entirely, remember we consume so much metal in the military machines our brave lads require nothing can go to waste.
Set consists of;
2 - Autocannon Magazines

2 - HCMG Magazines

1 - Gatling Magazine

2 - Missile Launcher Missiles with Fragmentation or Armour Penetration Heads

2 - Cannon Shells

2 - Spent Cannon Shells

2 - Mortars

1 - Multi Mortar Shell

Block is roughly 5.5x2cm to give you an idea of size

Made of Polyurethane Resin

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