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LED Cauldron (Objective Marker)-Electronics-Photo1-Zinge Industries

LED Cauldron (Objective Marker)


1 x LED Fire Pit Barrel (Objective Marker)   

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Take LED, twist the legs around the battery, so they are almost the same length as the Diameter of the battery, then place LED legs either side of the battery. The longer leg of which on the positive side (It won’t do any harm if you get it the wrong way around, it just won’t work until you turn it around). It is also better to twist the metal rather than cut it on the legs, as it acts almost like a spring to hold it either side of the battery more firmly).

Roll the black tack into a ball, then place the battery and LED into the ball sideways on re the battery, drop into the bottom of the barrel and place the clear resin coals onto the rim inside the barrel.

Should you wish to switch it off or replace the battery just flick up the lid with a nail, detach the LED and start again. It is straightforward.

When painting paint the barrel separately and optionally apply a dark brown/black wash over the clear resin to further complete the coal like effect.

This is a great use for an objective marker.


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