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Robotic Servo Arm - Backpacks, Arms, Feet and Optic Sprue-Infantry-Photo1-Zinge Industries

Robotic Servo Arm - Backpacks, Arms, Feet and Optic Sprue


Robotic Servo Arm - Set of 2 Arms - 2 Feet and a camera

This set contains:

  • 1 x Small Backpack - 16mm Long

    1 x Large Backpack - 18mm Long

    2 x Anchor Point (7mm length top to bottom, with a 6mm diameter connecting circle)

    2 x 1st Stage Arm (Arm/Leg from edge of one circle to the next is 21mm) This has two 6mm diameter joints, is included in the 21mm dimension)

    2 x 2nd Stage Arm (From circle to mount 15mm, with circle being 6mm diameter and included in the 15mm dimension)

    2 x Claw Adaptor (5mm with the base 1mm)

    2 x Feet (the clamp insert 5mm but the full foot including this element is 9mm)
  • 6 x Toes (The Toe length excluding the insert is 5mm)

    1 x Ball Mount - 10mm Long

    1 x Optic with Socket - 10mm Long

The arm assembles in closed position. To open the arm clip off the cabling on 1st and 2nd stages of the arm.

The large backpack has 5 ports which will accept the Optic Assembly or a Servo arm Anchor Point.

It has 4 ports which will accept our posable wrapped wire (see 3rd picture).

The toes of the feet can be built either opened or closed.


Made from polyurethane resin

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