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Steampunk Static "Mandrill" Gun Platforms and Guns Field Battery (3 Platforms and 3 Guns of a Kind)-Armoury, Artillery-Photo2-Zinge Industries

Steampunk Static "Mandrill" Gun Platforms and Guns Field Battery (3 Platforms and 3 Guns of a Kind)


One Steampunk Static "Mandrill" Gun Platform and Guns Field Battery consisting of 3 platforms and three of a kind guns from the list below.

Cause you "Cannot kill the BATTERY!" Designed by Zinge Industries as part of Kickstarter in partnership with Curious Constructs the following varieties of mobile platforms are available.

The diameter of the circular gun platform on the main body is 16.6mm.

Steampunk guns of the following types.

Autocannon, Gatling Gun, Laser Cannon, Tesla Cannon.

Part of the sequel to this project run by both Curious Constructs and Zinge Industries we have;

Barrage Balloon Anchor, Cannon, Flame Cannon, Heavy Calibre Machine Gun, Missile Launcher, Mortar, Multi-Mortar.

Also from this project and for £5 more we have:

Doomsday Missile Launcher, Flak Gun, Multiple Missile Launcher & Searchlight.

Originally designed by Zinge Industries for a Curious Constructs Kickstarter project and now available from either company and sold under licence.

The static platform has been pictured with the  Flak gun and search light.

Other Dimensions:

Autocannon 64mm x 23.5mm x 13.5mm

Cannon 51mm x 13mm x 13.5mm

Flak 43.3mm Long

HCMG 41mm Long. 8mm High, 2.6mm Wide

Doomsday Missile Launcher 75mm Long

Tesla Gun 57.5mm x 14mm x 12.5mm

Barrage Balloon Anchor 26mm x 14mm x 12.5 mm 

Multiple Missile Launcher 28.3mm Long

Missile Launcher 58mm x 9mm x 20mm

Searchlight 27.7mm x 30mm x 23mm

Gatling Gun 46.5mm x 16mm x 13.2mm

Laser Gun 53.5 x 18.2 mm x 9mm 

Flame Cannon 39mm x 18.5mm x 11mm

Mortar 30.5mm x 21.5mm x 17.5mm

Multi Mortar 33.5mm x 16mm x 24 mm

Made from Polyurethane Resin.

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