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Steampunk Gun On A Gun Carriage - Various

Steampunk Gun On A Gun Carriage - Various


Steampunk Gun on a Gun Carriage,

Choose from the list of guns below;

Autocannon, Gatling Gun, Laser Cannon, Tesla Cannon

Originally designed by Zinge Industries for Curious Constructs as part of a Kickstarter project they ran it is now available from both them and us under licence.

Each carriage comes with a 60mm standard round plastic base.

Options from the jointly run sequel Kickstarter that are eligible are below;

Barrage Balloon Anchor, Cannon, Flame Cannon Heavy Calibre Machine Gun, Missile Launcher, Mortar, Multi-Mortar.

For £2 more there are also the following options;

Doomsday Missile Launcher, Flak Gun, Multiple Missile Launcher, Searchlight.

The carriage is pictured with the Cannon.

Made of Polyurethane Resin

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