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Steampunk Mobile Gun Platform (Only) Various (No Gun Included)

Steampunk Mobile Gun Platform (Only) Various (No Gun Included)


One Steampunk Mobile Gun Platform only from the list below;

PLEASE NOTE: This does not come with a gun.

Pictured is the Tracked Platform with a Flame Cannon, Tracked Platform with a Cannon, Wheeled Platform with a Cannon and the Walker Platform with a Missile Launcher.

Designed by Zinge Industries as part of Kickstarter in partnership with Curious Constructs the following varieties of mobile platforms are available.

Options are Mobile Platforms:

 Pneumatic Wheeled Mobile Platform (or the "Dunlop" Platform)

Tracked Mobile Platform (or the "Train-Track" Platform)

Walker Mobile Platform (or the Walker "Apearatus")

Each carriage comes with a 60mm standard round plastic base.

The diameter of the circular gun platform on the main body is 16.6mm.

Made of Polyurethane Resin

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