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Steampunk Single Gun Carriage X 1 (Only) (No Gun Included)-Armoury, Artillery-Photo1-Zinge Industries

Steampunk Single Gun Carriage X 1 (Only) (No Gun Included)


A Steampunk Single Gun Carriage.

Each carriage comes with a 60mm standard round plastic base.

Designed by Zinge Industries for Curious Constructs as part of a Kickstarter project they ran it is now available from both them and us under licence.

Other Dimensions:

Autocannon 64mm x 23.5mm x 13.5mm

Cannon 51mm x 13mm x 13.5mm

Flak 43.3mm Long

HCMG 41mm Long. 8mm High, 2.6mm Wide

Doomsday Missile Launcher 75mm Long

Tesla Gun 57.5mm x 14mm x 12.5mm

Barrage Balloon Anchor 26mm x 14mm x 12.5 mm 

Multiple Missile Launcher 28.3mm Long

Missile Launcher 58mm x 9mm x 20mm

Searchlight 27.7mm x 30mm x 23mm

Gatling Gun 46.5mm x 16mm x 13.2mm

Laser Gun 53.5 x 18.2 mm x 9mm 

Flame Cannon 39mm x 18.5mm x 11mm

Mortar 30.5mm x 21.5mm x 17.5mm

Multi Mortar 33.5mm x 16mm x 24 mm

Made of Polyurethane Resin

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