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Flexible Decal Strips - Sprue of 10 - Various-Flexible Resin-Photo1-Zinge Industries

Flexible Decal Strips - Sprue of 10 - Various (Flames, Chevrons, Checks, Hazard Strips, Triangular)


10 Flexible Decal Strips

Each strip is approximately 100mm long and flat backed in order to allow them to lie on the model giving you a raised detailed transfer like effect. 

  • Large Flames - 6mm
  • Small Chevrons - 2.5mm
  • Large Checks - 4mm
  • Small Checks - 2mm
  • Large Chevrons - 4mm
  • Small Castellations 1.5mm
  • Large hazard stripes - 4mm
  • Small Flames - 3.5mm
  • Large Castellations - 3mm
  • Large Triangular Trim - 4.5mm

The strips are cast on to a backing plate and must be carefully peeled off.

The models are pictured with Flexible Decal Rivets and Flexible Decal Castellations

See video for a demonstration: 


Made of flexible polyurethane resin

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