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Flexible Decal Strips - Sprue of Pipes and Fittings-Flexible Resin-Photo1-Zinge Industries

Flexible Decal Strips - Sprue of Pipes and Fittings


8 Flexible Decal Strips

Pipes and Fittings

Each strip is approximately 100mm and flat backed in order to allow them to lie on the model giving you a raised detailed transfer like effect.

The set consists of:

  • 6 strips of 2mm piping with brackets x 100mm
  • 1 strip of 5 cross joints,
  • 7 "T" joints,
  • 1 valve & 1 inspection chamber
  • 1 strip of Tri-pipe with a hand wheel connector
  • Expansion globe and sliders * The hand wheel S-HND01 will fit the connector

The strips are cast on to a backing plate and must be carefully peeled off. 

See video for a demonstration:

Made of flexible polyurethane resin

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