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Xuron Baco Clippers - Fine Detail Cutters-Electronics, Hobby Tools-Photo1-Zinge Industries

Flat Head Clippers - Fine Detail Cutters


Flat Head Clippers 170-Ii - Fine Detail Cutters

Low profile clipping head ideal for cutting wargames miniatures from sprues or our electronics (LED legs and wires).

Cutter Pliers:

  1. Overall length: 5" - 130mm
  2. Cutter: Flush - "By-Pass Cutting"
  3. Cutting Jaw Length: 3/8" - 9.5mm Jaws Thickness: 11/128" - 2.18mm
  4. Weight: Light weight only 1.68oz. / 47.5gr
  5. Pliers: With Return Spring

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